The Dark Side of Mr. Hyde

by Kathleen Sheehan & Dave Howard

Pumpkin Number: 24

Carved by: Kathleen Sheehan & Dave Howard

Sponsored by: Princeton Air

About the Carver

About the Carver

Kathleen has been carving pumpkins competitively since 1976 when she lived in Chadds Ford PA and was invited to take part in The Carve. All her carvings are drawn freehand.  She uses gouges and a one-sided razor to do much of her carving and an ice cream scoop and ladle to empty the pumpkin and thin the skin.  She is a trained portrait painter and printmaker (PAFA) and employs similar pumpkin carving methods to create woodcuts.  Kathleen founded and ran Playful Cottage Art Center for over 25 years in the Perkiomen Valley.

2021 Winner: Honorable Mention


HV Arts Council Sheehan Miklos Pumpkin

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