Corona Virus

by Brass Rabbit

Pumpkin Number: 14

Carved by: Brass Rabbit

Sponsored by: Hopewell Valley Arts Council

About the Carver

About the Carver

Brass Rabbit got her start as a creator in documentary photography capturing the home lives of gang members and other individuals from illicit economies along the United States east coast. Her work focuses on societal expectations and economic inequality by combining photography and data collection. She uses a creative pseudonym to safely connect with the populations that drive much of her work and practice.

Brass Rabbit’s works are held in several private collections and have been shown in regional and international galleries and museums. As a former member of the 501C3 arts nonprofit SAGE Coalition and OMN7 Arts Collective, she has also orchestrated and managed arts exhibitions and large-scale installations in the city of Trenton and beyond.

Contact: Instagram @brassrabbitart


HV Arts Council DiLorenzoFisk Pumpkin

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