Morning Breath

by Poppy Sangthong & Peter Buruschkin

Pumpkin Number: 13

Carved by: Poppy Sangthong & Peter Buruschkin

Sponsored by: Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

About the Carver

About the Carver

Poppy has a BFA in Ceramics from Arcadia University, a love for ceramics has honed her skills in various mediums. Along with clay, she has a passion for the process of creating art, specifically sculpting and carving, and loves to draw and paint.

Contact: Instagram @ poppyspottery

Peter is a senior at Tyler School of Art majoring in Graphic Design who creates his own projects during free time, utilizing a variety of mediums, including things found around the house rather than buying expensive materials to create something extraordinary. Together, Poppy and Pete have won several awards, including a pumpkin carving contest at Arcadia University last year.


HV Arts Council Santhong Pumpkin
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