Our Volunteers and Partners 2014

As a developing organization, volunteers and partners are vital to our efforts, energy, and success in launching an arts council, and our mission of encouraging creative opportunities within Hopewell Valley.  We are grateful for these unique partnerships in our mission to promote art in the everyday.

We invite any interested member of the community to join us!

Stampede Volunteers and Community Partners

Our Stampede volunteers and community partners have shared their homes, staged events, delivered life-sized oxen, mailed letters, solicited donations, reached out to friends and neighbors, and more, in order to bring this amazing public art display to the valley.  The efforts of our volunteers are truly priceless.

  • Ed Alpern
  • Chris Berry
  • Eric and Linda Bradshaw
  • Missy and Brad Brewster
  • Hope and Kevin Cotter
  • Erica and Ray Disch
  • Rachel Donington
  • David Earling and Maria Nicolo
  • Pam Flory
  • Chris Fossel
  • Mary Clare and David Garber
  • Chad Goerner
  • Kit Greener
  • Bruce Gunther
  • Eileen Heinzel
  • Dana Koeppel
  • Janet Keller Laughlin
  • Drew McConaughy
  • Jon McConaughy
  • Sue Mitrano
  • Will Mooney
  • Liza Morehouse
  • Michelle Needham
  • Andy Parsons
  • Leslie Potter
  • Bob Prewitt
  • Jan Purcell
  • John Raskin
  • Drewe Schoenholtz
  • Rick Strandskov
  • Kristin Tunkel
  • Kurt Vollherbst
  • Alisandra Wederich
  • Dana and Owen Weekley
  • Lisa Wolff

Performers and Artists

Gracing our events and activities with their time and talents, or forgoing stipends for their embellishments of oxen, these individuals and groups generously shared their artistry and creativity on behalf of the Stampede and the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.

  • Ron Balerno
  • Hollis Bauer
  • Con Brio
  • Barbie Delafield
  • Nicole Frederickson
  • Jess Bizek and Darin Howell
  • Julia Heinzel and Andrea Pfaff
  • Jigsaw Dancers
  • Chad Goerner
  • HV Central High School Film students
  • Hopewell Valley Chorus
  • Hopewell Valley Youth Chorale
  • Lucia Huebner
  • Janet Laughlin
  • Craig Lieboff and Keith Greener
  • Lauren Marsh
  • Greg Merkle
  • Marie Moore School of Irish Dance
  • Thom Montanari
  • Pennington Dance
  • TJ Tindall
  • Maura Tuffy
  • Mike Tusay
  • Dana Weekley
  • CK Williams

Business Partners

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is grateful to our Business Partners, who have shared their resources and skills in helping us formulate a vision and a mission for the Council, while also creating events and opportunities for experiencing and promoting art in the everyday.  We thank these generous In-Kind Donors of goods and services.