Follow the Leader Sculpture by Seward Johnson at Bear Tavern School

Follow the Leader by Seward Johnson

Follow the Leader

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold + Community Donors
Bear Tavern Elementary School
1162 Bear Tavern Road/Route 579 at side entrance
Titusville NJ 08560

  • Play a quick game of “Follow the Leader”. Choose a “leader”, who will be the head of the line. Everyone else will be the “followers” and line up behind the leader. The leader then moves all around, and all of the players have to mimic the leader’s actions. Any players that fail to follow the leader are out of the game. When only one follower remains, that player then becomes the new leader and the game starts over again with all of the players getting in line once again. The playground at the school would be a great location to play.
  • Try to invent a new version of the game by changing the rules a bit?
  • What other little games have you created?


    • The school is named for a historic tavern that George Washington led his troops by on their way to Trenton during the Revolutionary War.
    • Bear Tavern Elementary’s mascot is Titus the bear.
    • In 1962, a tornado hit the school and blew off its roof.
    • The school has a multi-faceted outdoor learning space with a classroom, performing arts space, nature observation, garden areas, and a pond. Their meadow is a certified Monarch waystation, attracting birds and pollinators. Click here for details.

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