It’s Day 48 of the Daily Dose of Art and we’re going all the way to Day 50! For today’s project, we’re making an Egyptian collar necklace.

Step 1. Find a round object, about 4-5 inches in diameter to trace on the back a 9-10 inch paper plate. To get the right position, place the object in the center of the plate, then move it up until it is about one inch from the top of the plate. (Fig 3)

Step 2. Cut a vertical slit in the top edge of the plate to the outline of the circle outline.  Cut out the circle along the outline. Try on the collar and make adjustments, if needed. If the opening is too small, trim the end of the collar and/or widen the circle.(Fig 4)

Step 3.  Paint the whole collar with a background color. Egyptian collars were usually made up of rows of colored beads. To simulate the tiles, paint short strokes to form “beads”.  They don’t need to be perfect. A cotton swab can be good to use. (Fig 5, Fig 6)

Step 4.  Decorate away! How about adding sequins or sparkles. Check these variations out. (Fig 7, Fig 8)

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