Today is probably a busy family day, so here’s a quick and easy project. 

Step 1.  Draw the shape of an egg onto the back of a piece of cardboard, the size you want your finished project to be.

Step 2.  Tear or cut-up pieces of colored paper or pages from a discarded magazine.  You can make either “tiles” out of paper that are in somewhat of a uniform shape or you can just tear random shapes to make a free-form collage.  Pastel tissue paper would work nicely.  

Step 3. Glue down the paper pieces on the other side of the cardboard, making sure to extend beyond the size of the egg you drew so that your egg will endup totally decorated.

Step 4.  Once the glue is dry.  Turn the cardboard back over and cut out the egg following the lines you had drawn.

Step 5.  Poke a hole in the top and thread with some yarn or ribbon to make a hanger.

Idea:  Skip step 5 and make a big egg to use as a hand-made placemat for Easter dinner.