“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

Everyone is a poet when it comes to “blackout poetry” — even if you don’t know it!

A blackout poem is when a page of text (example: from a magazine or newspaper) is completely blacked out EXCEPT for a few words (usually with a black marker) selected by the poet (that’s YOU). 

Fig 1

Step 1.  Start by looking at a page of text and draw boxes around words that appeal to you.  Decide if you want big words to convey a theme or small words to make full sentences (or a mix — however you’d like). It’ll take a little time and some to get it the way you want. (Fig 1)

Step 2.  Once you’ve picked out and boxed the words you want to keep, use a marker to “blackout” the rest of the page.  I used a red marker, so I guess I made “red-out poetry.” LOL (Fig 2.)  

When done, I realized my poem’s words spanned two columns that were now covered up.  I needed to guide the reader through my poem somehow, so I added some decorative arrows. (Fig 3)

Step 3.  You can stop at Step 2 or continue embellishing by adding doodles or images. (Fig 4)

Check out these other cool examples from Pinterest. (Fig 5 & Fig 6)

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