Artist Eligibility and Honorarium

The HV Stampede is open to all artists from the acclaimed to the amateur.  Painters, sculptors, craftsmen, multi-media artists, and other wildly creative people are encouraged to apply.  Designs can be created individually or as teams of up to four people.

An honorarium of $750 will be paid for each selected design to an individual or a team.  One half of the honorarium ($325) will be paid upon design acceptance for purchasing materials.  The rest of the honorarium ($325) will be paid upon completion and approval of their decorated ox.

Artists may submit up to two designs for consideration, with the requirement that the artist must be able to complete both oxen, should both designs be chosen for execution, by June 30, 2014.

Minors are welcome to submit designs however a parent or guardian must consent to their participation and vouch for the minor’s skill and ability to complete the project should their design be selected.

Artists whose designs are selected must sign an Agreement assuring they will complete the project as proposed, using appropriate materials and techniques, and that their ox will be completed by June 30, 2014.

It is incumbent upon the artist to appreciate the serious and time-consuming nature of this endeavor. It should only be entered into after serious consideration as to the artist’s ability to fulfill their obligations as stated in the Agreement.

Prizes and Awards

A prize purse of $2,500 has been established and will be awarded by a panel of impartial judges based on criteria such as artistic merit, workmanship, originality and creativity.  Awards are limited to one per sculpture.  Specific award categories will be announced at a later date.