This is another fun collage project, sure to make you giggle!

Step 1. Flip through old magazines to find an image of a person in a striking pose. (TIP: Fashion magazines are a great place to look.) Rip out the page. For my portrait, I chose this stately image of the actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins. (Fig 1)

Step 2.  Looking at this formal and stately gentleman, I immediately thought of an eagle. I went on the internet to find images of an eagle head and talons (claws). Keep in mind the position of the animals head and eyes.  Should it be looking sideways or straight ahead? My eagle required a full-face front view. So, think about what type of animal would be fun for the body you selected, and search the internet.

Step 3.  Print the images, increasing or decreasing the image size using the settings on your printer, to get the “fit” just right.  (Fig 2)

Step 4.  Cut out the images and position them on your body. To make it look realistic, you should probably cut off the body parts you are covering. Look for places where a few minor cuts will make your finished work look more realistic, like around the collar.  Glue down. (Fig 3)

Check out more fun animal portraits from Pinterest for inspiration.  (Fig 4 & Fig 5 )

Please share your artwork with us! #HVArtsDailyDose.