The Amazing Pumpkin Carve 2022

HV Arts Council Amazing Pumpking Carve 2020

Some of 2022’s Amazing Pumpkins!

  • "Under the Sea" by Danyelle Lala
  • "See, Hear, Speak No Evil" carved by Caroline Hall
  • "Monster Cheese" carved by Rich Palumbo + Danielle Costa-McCobb
  • "Scary VW" by Kathy Lala + Linda Angely
  • "Melting Skull" by John Woodard
  • "Cerberus" by Elice Slafka
  • "Brain Stu" by Barbara DiLorenzo
  • "What a Witch" carved by Poppy Sangthong + Peter Buruschkin
  • "Spooky Bedtime Stories" (work in progress) by Aleece Davis
  • "Under Lock + Key" by Jennifer Stevens + Annette Vilagos
  • "Wu Bat" by Jodi Walker
  • "Whip Out a Funny Face" by John Goeke
  • "Peace to Ukraine" (work in process) by Curtis May
  • "Pumpkin Razzle" by Susan Roseman
  • "Squirreling Away" by Joyce Vollmer

List of Carvers

John Goeke ~ Jodi Walker ~ Joyce Vollmer ~ Aleece Davis ~ Barbara DiLorenzo ~ Michelle Clark + Benjamin Clark ~ Caroline Hall ~ John Woodward ~ Susan Roseman ~ Jennifer Stevens + Annette Vilagos ~ Poppy Sangthong + Peter Buruschkin ~ Jonathan Conner ~ James Kelewae ~ Curtis May ~ Michael Davies ~ Elizabeth Massa ~ Britany Keyak-Potoczky ~ Kathy Lala + Linda Angely ~ Sarah Bernotas ~ Elise Slafka ~ Danyelle Lala ~ Kathleen Sheehan ~ Kathy Kutz ~ Patrick Pasquito ~ Jessica Kruscavage ~ Alyssa Staffin + Gary Staffin ~ Sofia Gruson + Aurora Hu ~ Rich Palumbo + Danielle Costa-Mccobb ~ Lori Johanssen

October 12 to October 16, 2022 

Woolsey Park
221 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road
Titusville, NJ

The 8th Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve was better than ever. This year, 35 massive 125+ pound pumpkins were outrageously carved by local artists at Woolsey Park in Hopewell Township, NJ. From an exciting Carving and Opening Day on Wednesday October 12 to our rescheduled walk-thru Sunday October 16, we are proud to serve the greater Hopewell Valley with this fun fall tradition. 

“What a Witch” carved by Poppy Sangthong + Peter Buruschkin
2022 Amazing Pumpkin Carve

Video Press Coverage!

Our AMAZING 2022 Sponsors

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